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design approach

Our approach to projects features excellent documentation from preliminary design through construction closeout, and a commitment to hands-on involvement by a single Principal from start to finish. This method appeals greatly to municipalities and other governmental agencies, which have been some of our chief clients over the years.

All Finger Dye Spann projects are handled by one of the firm’s Principals from start to finish. Our lead project architect personally completes all design and construction monitoring services for the entire project. This ensures continuity throughout the project and allows us to bring the experience gained through many years of hands-on effort directly to each of our clients.

Each of our courses is unique, with individual design solutions required by varying client needs, site opportunities and constraints, climate conditions, budgets, and time frames. However, there are a few constants always in the forefront of our approach. The first is excellent documentation. From initial site mapping to preliminary design concepts to final construction documents to completion of construction, we simply provide the most detailed and complete design documents in the business. This leads to the second constant of our approach - cost control. By detailing our proposed design features clearly, we are able to obtain excellent, tight bids from builders. We monitor construction closely using the detailed construction documents to ensure that the contractor properly installs what was bid. Third, we couple this documentation and cost control with a strong sense of golf shot values, an unwavering commitment to aesthetics, and a firsthand knowledge of classic golf architecture gained by visiting and working on courses designed by many of the Golden Age architects.

This approach has resulted in a number of award winning new courses and restorations of older courses and has rewarded us with a long list of satisfied clients which affords us continued project opportunities by their referrals.